Elder Care 911 iPhone App by Dr Marion

A must-have app for any family caregiver of an elderly relative

You get the call: "Your mother has fallen and is in the hospital. How soon can you get here?" As you rush for the airport, you ask yourself: "What do I do? Who can I call? What do I ask? How do I know? What if they're wrong? What's going to happen?"

No one is prepared for this, but now there's an app to help you and your elder loved one get through it. Elder 911 takes Doctor Marion's 35+ years of experience and puts it in the palm of your hand as you navigate the complexities of being prepared before a crisis, combating transfer trauma, knowing what to ask the doctor, planning hospital discharge and life after the event, plus much more.

Marion Somers, Ph.D. (Doctor Marion) is an award-winning, nationally recognized geriatric care manager who has provided care for more than 2,000 elderly clients. Her unique methodology has made her a renowned and respected visionary leader in elder care. Now Doctor Marion's insightful and practical guidance will help you face your elder loved one's medical crisis with an expert at your side.

Special Bonus with product registration: Free PDF of Doctor Marion's book, "Elder Care Made Easier".

Feature Tour

The first time you launch Elder 911 you will be shown a Feature Tour.

Crisis Timeline

Elder 911 guides you through the steps of a medical emergency:

Before a Crisis Occurs - What you need to do ahead of time (or before the next time).

At the Hospital - What to ask, whom to see, and how to stay in control.

Planning for Discharge - Everything you need to know before leaving the hospital.

Post-Hospital Care - Getting ready to transition to post-crisis life.

Recovery & Quality of Life - Getting around and getting along...what's life like now?

Crisis Topic Pages

Each crisis topic page tells you step-by-step what to look out for. Interactive checklists and supporting information is listed under each step where necessary.

Interactive Checklists

Managing a crisis demands that you react quickly to information that may be changing. Elder 911's interactive checklists provide expert information at-a-glance so you know what to look out for, and what questions to ask. Each checklist is interactive, allowing you to indicate which item is completed. You can add your own notes to checklists and email them to yourself or someone else as well.

Add Personal Notes

When desired, you can add personal notes to any checklist or supporting information page. Notes will stay attached to those pages, or can be accessed as a group through the "More..." menu.