Elder Care 411 iPhone App by Dr Marion

A must-have app for any family caregiver of an elderly relative

If you are one of the more than 40 million family caregivers in the U.S. helping take care of an elderly relative, you will undoubtedly face new challenges as your loved one ages.

Marion Somers, Ph.D. (Doctor Marion) is an award-winning, nationally recognized geriatric care manager who has provided care for more than 2,000 elderly clients. Her unique methodology has made her a renowned and respected visionary leader in elder care.

Elder 411 takes Doctor Marion’s 35+ years of experience as a geriatric care manager and makes it accessible when and where you need it most. Over 500 pieces of expert advice are organized into 11 eldercare topics providing you with proven solutions to caregiving problems as you encounter them. Now Doctor Marion's insightful and tested solutions will help you face these new challenges with an expert at your side.

Special Bonus with product registration: Free PDF of Doctor Marion’s book, "Elder Care Made Easier".

Feature Tour

The first time you launch Elder 411 you will be shown a Feature Tour.

Topics Tab

Over 500 pieces of expert advice are categorized into the top ten elder care topics making it easy to find specific information, or just to browse through all the information available on Elder 411.

Topics Content

Each topic section has a featured audio and video clip at the top with all topical content underneath organized by media type:

• Expert Tips
Written tips containing things you should know

• Audio Tips
Audio excerpts from Doctor Marion's lectures

• Video Tips
Clips of video lectures on many elder care topics

• Ask Doctor Marion
Hundreds of questions from real caregivers facing real challenges with corresponding advice from Doctor Marion

Written Tips

Doctor Marion presents answers to common eldercare problems in these informative tips. Tap the Featured tab to get a different Featured Tip every day.

Video Tips

Each of the eldercare categories include clips from Doctor Marion's video lectures. After each video is played, you can choose to either: play again, email the video to a friend, or create and attach your own notes to the video.

Audio Tips

Each audio clip can be emailed, plus you can create and attach your own notes.


You can search all of the information on Elder 411 by keyword. Search results will return any relative content from written, audio, or video tips plus Ask Doctor Marion Q&As. Info type is indicated by an icon.


You can create and attach notes to any written, audio, or video tip plus Ask Doctor Marion Q&A. Tap the Notes tab to see a listing of all of your notes.


If you'd like to browse Elder 411 information by media type, tap the More tab and choose Tips, Ask Doctor Marion, Audio or Video.

You can also access the Feature Tour or find out more information about Presto Services, Doctor Marion or the Elder 411 app.

Note: As a standalone iPhone app, Elder 411 does not require an Internet connection to access the rich media information in its database. This means that the application is relatively large, so please be patient when downloading from the iTunes app store (note: not downloadable directly from your iPhone or iPod touch).